Sunday, November 27, 2016

Battery Exchange

We called Costco and told them we were returning the two 6 volt batteries that had failed the load test. We arrived at the store and asked to see the automotive manager, prepared with all the technical information we could remember from the battery expert. The manager stopped us before we started, telling us all he needed was the receipt showing the date of sale. We could replace them for up to one year, no questions asked. Period.

I went back to the rig, removed the batteries and took them to customer service where they gave me a gift card for the full amount. I took this gift card to the battery department and bought new, October 2016 dated batteries.

I had my voltmeter and both the batteries were putting out 6.37 volts, the highest of the batch they had on display. The manager apologised for the trouble we had and told us to bring these back anytime in the next year if we were not happy with them. I removed the old batteries myself and Miguel, a young, strong man helped me out with the new batteries and lifted them into place for me. The batteries charged all the way to Bakersfield at the rate of about 13.5 volts. I really hope they last because it is a pain in the ass (and back) to exchange them although I am sure Miguel would have been happy to help me get the old batteries out if I had asked.


  1. Customer service is paramount, and Costco has delivered. Hopefully this is now history. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Now that is taken care of, hopefully you will be good for quite a few more years.
    Safe travels.

  3. Batteries, then tires, then wheels, then batteries again. I'm getting a bit tired of popcorn, and I'm wondering if you will make it this far south at all this year. You guys and Ivan seem to be under the same cloud.

  4. You forgot the converter and there were a couple things I did not mention because they seem so trivial in comparison to the rest... LOL

    I haven't been watching Ivan. Is the little cloud following him too?

    1. Moved it down here.

      Internet satellite issues, Live Writer issues, dead end roads requiring backing out, a slide seal that is attempting to escape... Maybe you Canadians just like to complain...

  5. I sincerely hope that all systems are go! good luck.