Friday, November 18, 2016

Power Problems Continued

1) Well, after a much needed day off to charge the new batteries and to catch up on Norma's recorded shows, we are on our way again this morning. The goal for tonight is the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville. Oregon. It is about a 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive on I-5. Because of the battery problem and heavy rain on the coast we decided to give the coastal route a pass again this year. 
2) Parked in the Seven Feathers Casino free RV parking in Canyonville, OR. We are a little higher here so it will be cool tonight. Not sure if we are going over to the casino. Depends if Norms feels lucky. We did go over and almost broke even after paying for dinner ie: free dinner!
3) Back to the RV. The battery problem is apparently not solved. The batteries will charge with the truck running but not with the generator. The next thing to check is the converter.
4) FIXED! Well, probably fixed and fingers well crossed. We called ahead into Grant's Pass trying to find an RV repair shop open and found just one who could spare time to look at it, Caveman RV
We got there about 10:30 and he sent one of his guys out with a meter to take some readings and report back to him. He then came out and found the back of the converter which had two fuses, one of which was blown. He changed it and the voltage suddenly came up to where he was happy. He started closing things up and the fuse popped again. We had a bad converter! He had only one type/brand in stock, an Iota DLS 55, not top of the line but all he had and it would have been a couple of days for him to order a better one. This is not "smart" but may have a module I can add to make it smart. I have to research. It was $250 plus $89 labor.
We got an RV park down the road as we were both stressed out from worrying about the damn thing plus we did not get a good sleep last night as it was cold and we had no hookups. We are at a quiet little RV park in Grant's Pass right on the Rogue River.
Tomorrow we head for Anderson, California and an oil change for the motorhome.
If anyone tells me I may not have needed new batteries I will seriously lose it. Seriously!


  1. sorry to hear this sad tale and i hope that everything gets resolved so you and Norma can have a care free safe and happy winter hang in there cheers les

  2. So tempting... You know, you might not.... nah, I'll let it go this time.

  3. Hey we did the same thing a few years ago, hope things are all good finally We replaced batteries the did not nerd to be replaced too...... kinda sucks...

  4. I have had batteries go bad from long term lack of charging, (3) one year old 8D's $$$, replaced on the road with (9) AGM 85's $$$$. Rig was in the paint shop for 3 months without power hookup. Have a good winter travel. Al