Monday, November 14, 2016

Virgin Broadband

I almost lost my Virgin(ity)

I have been using Virgin Broadband for several years now, starting when they offered an unlimited plan for $40 a month pay as you go. A good deal. They then changed the plan to be not quite unlimited for $55 a month. Being an existing customer I was "grandfathered" onto the $40 plan.

Three months ago I got an email saying my account would be cancelled if I did not buy more time immediately. I called them and explained I was not in the USA and did not want to buy time I would not be able to use. The agent said no problem, if I was out of the country, just buy more time when I return.

When I went into the RadioShack in Sequim yesterday they were unable to sell me the $40 plan, Virgin's computer refused it. He got his dealer's customer service on the phone, got nowhere and handed the phone to me. "Your account was cancelled for lack of use. You can open a new account but it will cost you $55 a month" I tried to calmly explain things but got nowhere. It was going to cost me $55 a month. I admit I got a little pissed. "Don't get mad at me, I didn't cancel your account, the system did". "Well",I said,"It must be very nice to have a system that closes your customers accounts every 45 days but if the system did this then the system can undo it". "It doesn't work that way, your account is closed".

Frustrated, I bought $55 worth of time and walked back to the rig. When I tried to apply the money I could not get into the "system" because, you guessed it, my account was closed! This morning I called RadioShack and was told they could set me up with a new account and apply the credit for a $5 service charge. This sounded like a great deal and it was! After spending about a half hour on the phone and multiple calls he finally said to me, "You are good to go!"

I asked him how he did it and he said that once he got past the customer service front line he found someone familiar with the Broadband service and from there it only took a couple of minutes. He kept me on the same account as I had and get this, still on the $40 a month plan! It is still sort of unlimited but I will be throttled back after 5 GB in a month. I never use that much unless there is a Windows update so 5 GB will be plenty. He said they will probably cancel it again after I return to Canada next year but he said to stop by and see him next year and he will fix it again. He is my new BFF! He certainly earned his $5.