Tuesday, November 22, 2016


The phone rang at 10 AM telling us the dolly was done. We asked if they had a plumbing guy around who could look at the leaking drain valve on the fresh water tank that drains the tank in three or four days and they did! We drove the motorhome over and the plumbing guy and I looked at the problem. The leaking valve is located about two feet inside a very narrow passage and is impossible to get at to work on it. We decided to cut the old drain off the tank, cap it and to create a new drain line by tapping off the line to the water pump, add a valve and a drain line out the front. It will be slower to drain the tank but we do not do it often anyway.

The spindle replacement cost $320 labour plus $35 parts and the new drain $160 labour and $40 parts for a total of $605.

This is where the welder drilled a hole through the rear axle housing and welded the new spindle in place. Time and tire wear will tell how "true" he got it. I had told the welder before he started that Master Tow, the trailer manufacturer says the spindle is not replaceable. After he finished he said, "I see what they meant by "not replaceable" but anything can be done if you are determined".

A close-up of the weld,

The new drain. The line to the left goes to the water pump while the new line heading towards us is the new drain with it's shut off valve.

And finally the water draining. Just a trickle but it will work and the tank will no longer drain on it's own.


  1. Popping more popcorn and waiting to see what else breaks.

    1. No more, that is the break budget for this year!

  2. hit the road before something else goes awry