Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Drainage Done!

The drainage guy finished up yesterday and gave us his bill of a very reasonable $880. Adding up all his time and the material he used, I thought I would be very lucky to get away with under $1000 so I was pleasantly surprised. He promises to drop by a couple of times over the winter to make sure it is working.

We went down this morning to buy insurance for the motorhome and dolly as it has to go into the shop tomorrow morning at 9:00. When I went to check the fridge on propane, it would not run and there is a slight smell of propane coming out from under the stairs where the propane distribution block is located. It splits the main propane line from the tank into separate lines to the furnace, hot water tank, stove and fridge.

The fridge runs well on electric, just not on gas so it probably needs to be blown out with compressed air. Spiders and bugs like to make nests in there and have to be cleaned out once in a while. The propane smell problem we have dealt with at least twice before. I don't know what the problem is but I wish someone would figure out how to fix it!

Here are the final drainage photos:

Stream #1. He placed drain pipe, a settling bucket and then covered everything up with gravel.

Here is the cleanout for this system. The large rock at the top holds the lid down on the bucket.

Here is stream #2 (the larger one). Everything goes into drain pipe under the gravel and right into the main pipe down to the ocean. There is very little silt in this stream so there is no need for a settling device.

Here is where the stream #2 goes into the pipe and where it will have to be cleaned out if it becomes plugged.

This is another problem we fixed while he was here. The downspout on the left used to drain into the pipe directly under it. During heavy rain it would overflow and an inspection yesterday showed it to be full of mud. Rather than worry about it (spend more money) we simply diverted the downspout into the pipe leading to the new drainage pipe to the ocean. Problem solved.


  1. Well, time will tell if this does the trick. The clean-out Y in the line should make for easy maintenance. Now you can get started on getting outa here to the California sun belt. Hope the propane issue will get solved too.

    1. It got tested last night and tonight will be even more of a test!