Wednesday, January 11, 2017

4:30 AM

Wide awake with my drugs worn off and 3 1/2 hours till more. Getting sufficient cash is a problem as the only ATM has a $400 limit. I have Wednesday to rest between treatments so it is off to the USA to try to get cash there. Maybe the casino with credit and/or debit cards or maybe a friendly bank. My bank is not being cooperative as they said they were removing  limits but apparently didn't! I guess it is good that it is hard to come up with $5000 instantly but when you need it, you need it and doubling a $400 limit is no use at all.


  1. Might be easier for someone who trusts you to wire you the money and then you pay them back!

  2. I called ScotiaBank (my emergency backup line of credit card) and they are arranging a large cash withdrawal. I think we are OK.

  3. Croft, your bank may have indeed removed the limits ( i have none on mine ) but american atm machines at the banks do have limits themselves. For example, when a foreign debit card ( foreign as in not a client/member of that bank ) presents a card, the limit may be 300.00 or 500.00 in order to lessen the risk of fraudulent cards to that bank..... ( can you tell that I worked in the industry? ) so, even though my debit card has no limits, there is a limit to them in the usa, particular to that bank atm that I am using. These limits are for a 24 hour period.

    1. I got my money! See the post I am just going to start writing.