Thursday, January 5, 2017

Relaxing In Hope

This is our second full day here in Hope, AZ. It was a short three hour drive from Desert Hot Springs and even better, another uneventful drive! Nothing blew up or broke so we may have everything fixed. Well, maybe I spoke too soon, the newest inverter, a 1575 watt MSW Cobra is putting out 130 volts which I think is a little high, I am thinking about this problem before I make the 45 minute drive over to Quartzsite to buy a replacement.

EDIT: I was using a little plug in voltage checker to make the 130 volt reading but when I checked it with my Fluke meter it reads 110 volts. I guess the cheap meter is not compatible with modified sine wave power. I am happy again.

We are parked next door to our Nebraska friends Bill and Dee. Bill and I "met" a few years ago online when we seemed to be echoing each other in our political opinions. We finally got the chance to meet in real life two years ago when we spent a week at their Ramblin Roads RV Park here in Hope, Arizona.

We are back here for either two weeks or a month depending on what happens at my dental appointment in Algodones on the 10th. Staying more than two weeks at the weekly rate here costs as much as going for the monthly rate, the only difference being that we will have to pay the power if we stay a month. The woman at the office said they would change us over to the monthly rate if we decided to stay.

It is a bit cooler here than it was back in Desert Hot Springs, maybe five degrees both day and night but it doesn't feel that much cooler. Maybe because of the humidity, it is a little drier here.

Yesterday we all went to the Mexican Market down the road for lunch. There was a stand selling gorditas, a stuffed pastry. The ones they were selling had meat but they had no problem making me one with cheese and beans. It was very good. There was also a vegetable market with very nice looking produce at a very reasonable price. We will be back there for sure!

Norma and Dee shopping:


  1. Enjoy your time there and good luck at the dentist.

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