Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Visit from Paula!

Paula, our friend and neighbor from the RV park in Mesa dropped in on her way back from Quartzsite yesterday. She was just in time for Happy Hour and got to meet some of our neighbors, two of whom she already knew. We had a bite to eat and as it was getting late she decided to take advantage of our couch for the night. She has had a trying winter with some medical issues (now in the past) so it was good to catch up with her life!


  1. You missed the part where Norma pinned me down and poured a glass of (very good) red wine down my throat, and the others exclaimed how I just couldn't drive home , it was DARK! Thanks for the hospitality.

    1. It was fun Paula, our couch is available any time!

  2. What a nice surprise visit to have Paula drop by for the night.