Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We Got The Money!

We got the cash. We have a high limit line of credit card from Scotiabank in Canada for emergencies. We called them and they released all limits and pre authorized the $4,000 US withdrawal. We then drove to Yuma, went in a Washington Federal Bank and they gave us cash. $3,000 in one branch and $1,000 in another as they have a $3K limit per day. $7.50 CAN fee. At the dental office Canadians and Americans are treated the same - no cheques, no credit cards and no debit cards. US Cash only, no pesos. They have two framed bounced cheques on the wall to show why it is cash only.

Rather than carry all that cash around we stopped at Quintero Dental and paid our bill in full. All the permanent stuff goes on tomorrow and we are staying one more night "just in case".

Here is the breakdown:

Full exam with x-rays - $20
3 upper left root canals - $750
2 upper extractions - $120
Upper right 4 unit bridge - $800
4 upper front united crowns - $800
Upper left 3 unit bridge - $600
3 lower porcelain crowns - $600
upper and lower PRX partials - $1000
Cleaning - $25

Total - $4,715

They wanted $1,000 deposit before they started the work but all we could come up with was $815 because of the limit on the local ATM and having to pay for the hotel. Four nights @ $42 plus taxes = $200. They understood and were satisfied with our reduced deposit but it left us anxious to get the rest of it to them.

Quintero Dental Group
US 928 377 4552
Mex 658 517 7043

Talk to Chris, he speaks perfect English

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