Wednesday, January 4, 2017

And Another Blogger Down

The Blogging Community lost another member. Rod Ivers "Retired Rod" died on Monday after a courageous battle with brain cancer. We got to know Rod in Mesa last year as he was a frequent dinner companion of our friend Shadowmoss. Rod and I were polar opposites in politics but we agreed that as we were both so set in our ways it was pointless to discuss it. We did share an adventurous taste in food though. Retired Rod, if you remember had that hilarious encounter with his Roomba Vacuum when it engaged a pile of dog poop when left to operate on it's own. Here is Rod's report on the crappy experience.


  1. He was a very nice fellow, that we met at Bloggerfest last year and had a very nice visit with him the day before.
    He will be missed.

  2. Another sad day. I did enjoy his blog, especially the Roomba incident.