Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Blogger's Death

My Blogging friend John Wilson "Calypso" has just passed on. John worked in the American recording industry in the 60's and although he never bragged or name dropped, he had countless stories he was willing to share. He was actually with Janis Joplin the night she died and at one point or another was a guest in three of the four Beetles homes. He and Anita retired to Mexico where he bought houses on both coasts to escape the extreme temperatures of winter and summer and started his Viva Veracruz and Viva Puerto Escondido blog. John was of great help to us as we were planning our first RV trip into the heart of mainland Mexico and for some poor reason we passed up the opportunity to meet him and Anita in person. The world is a sadder place without John and the amazing stories that he was always willing to share. Steve from Melaque has a little more extensive coverage on his Blog.


  1. So sad to here of fellow blogger friends passing away even if we never met them in person.

  2. I read his blog too, off and on. Sad to lose another blogland writer.

  3. Oh my god that's terrible news. Geez.
    Senor C was definitely a guy who could paint a picture with words. Crap.