Wednesday, December 28, 2016

January Plans

We are out of this park on January 3 and will head to Hope, Arizona to spend some time with Bill and Dee, our friends from Nebraska. We booked for a month as that is the same price as two weeks and I have a dental appointment in Algodones on January 10. Bill and Dee are going down with us and we will spend a night or two there to test out the fish tacos and margaritas. We are staying in a hotel as that is much cheaper than the gas to drive the motorhome from Hope, AZ.
I bailed out on my major dental work there last year when Sani Dental increased the price on me after they had started the treatment. I am going to a new dentist this time to get three teeth pulled that have broken off at the gum line and to get a second opinion as to what else I need. I may well end up back at Sani as what they did, they did well. It was the price increase that turned me off. There is no question that I need more dental work!

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  1. Good luck with your dental work, mine was easy and cheap, new dentures. Fit perfect.