Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Rude Awakening!

Norma got up at about seven this morning and I continued to doze as she puttered around the kitchen. Suddenly she was yelling at me, "Croft! Get up, the shower stall is flooded"! Now, our shower is not used for showers but is used for storage of everything that will not store somewhere else. Among numerous other things, it contains: paper products, garbage bags, tea towels, bath towels, dish cloths and our shower bags, all on the floor of the shower. The water was right up to the brim of the shower stall and most of the above was soaked! The stall is also Norma's clothes closet but her clothes, thankfully, were hanging well above the water level.

Remember back when we moved in here, stayed one night and then were asked to move to a new space? Well when we moved I closed the grey and black waste valves, unhooked, moved and reconnected the hose. However I forgot to open the grey water valve so the waste water from the sinks filled the holding tank and started working it's way back up the drains. The shower base, being the lowest place the water could escape the pipe, began filling up and the water was just about ready to overflow the shower pan and to run onto the floor!

I rushed out, pulled the valve and came back in to face the music. As they say, it could have been worse. The water was mostly rinse and dishwashing water from the kitchen sink and whatever from the bathroom sink and was dirty but not disgusting but needless to say, our wash this week will require a few more quarters.

As usual, all my fault. :(


  1. Not so bad. I've done it and had the same reaction. You caught it in time and all is well. Good thing it wasn't poopy potty! Carry on.

  2. I always got a kick out of this saying
    "Sometimes a wife will make a fool out of her husband but most husbands are the do-it-yourself types"

  3. Croft, I never have or will make my husband "face the music." (I know, I know you're thinking I must be an angel!). BUT, I'm a really big nagging wife! Every time we make camp or decamp, I follow my husband around with my printed reminder manual asking him to check this or that or asking him to do this or that. It drives him simply crazy. There is this overwhelming urge to do this. Therefore, in the morning I am going to have him read your post, and we'll see whether he changes his mind about nagging and my reminder manual. I just think you have saved a marriage! (Ha!).


    1. Well, it would tick me off as well but it would be worth it if it saved a flood. I read this to Norma and I think I may regret doing so. :)

  4. We do use our shower and that's how we know when our grey water is full, come up on the shower floor. Boon docking most of the year we seldom have sewer hookups.
    At least it did not come out on the floor..