Thursday, December 1, 2016

Desert Hot Springs Sunshine!

After another uneventful drive (!) we arrived in Desert Hot Springs on Wednesday early afternoon and after a stop at Little Sisters Truck Wash we pulled into the Desert Oasis RV Park where we stayed two years ago and where we had reservations until January 2.

It was warm (24C) and sunny! Finally! We set up and I walked over to the hottest of the three pools to soak my aching back, payment for lifting those damn batteries! I had the tub to myself until I was later joined by a woman from BC, We are going to enjoy ourselves here.

Well, it wasn't that smooth. After one night management came to tell us there was some confusion over the site we were assigned. We paid until Jan 2 and someone else had the site booked for December 30. They offered us the site right next door so it was an easy move. We could have argued but what the heck, we are easy to get along with.


  1. Croft,you are easy to get along with.
    Better to move now than later,enjoy the hot tubs,take care of the back.Have a wonderful winter!

  2. I heard the sigh of relief all the way over here.

  3. Gotta love it there, relax and enjoy the hoy springs.