Friday, December 9, 2016

IOTA IQ4 Install

I received the IQ4 Smart Charger Module for my new IOTA converter this morning and decided I had time to install it. I opened up the small access panel under the bathroom sink and discovered the converter was mounted in such a way that the port the module plugged into was at the back and out of sight.

I stuck my little camera in there, pointed it in the general direction of where I thought the port should be and snapped about 20 closeup photos. One of them showed the port and also showed how it was oriented to the plug ie: which way up.

After fiddling for quite a few minutes with my hand turned backwards in the tiny space, I felt the "click" as the plug seated! The light on the unit came on and it seems to be working!

The battery is fully charged right now as it has been plugged in so I will not be able to really test it until I am trying to recharge it but the light tells me that it is monitoring the charge rate and I am happy for now.


  1. We install the converter in out coach a couple years ago with the smart charger, sure does a great job, Hope yours does too.

  2. We are going to install solar this year when we are in Arizona. Going to get Brian to check our unit and make his recommendations. It will sure help us when we are boondocking.


    1. It will make life so much easier for you out in the desert with the only thing making you fire up the rig is emptying the holding tanks.