Saturday, December 17, 2016

Another Project Done

Our motorhome has an "Outside Entertainment Center", a compartment on the side containing a radio, speakers and a TV connection. This is handy if you want background music outside or want to watch the Super Bowl outside with friends. We have hardly ever used it and when I tested it this summer the radio was shot. The door seal is not perfect and it had been exposed to the elements and summer salt air for too long.
I replaced the radio with one designed for "marine" applications ie: in a boat, and then discovered the speakers were also shot for the same reasons,
I looked for replacement outdoor or "marine" type speakers and discovered the 5' replacement size were not readily available. I bought a pair 1/4 inch larger than the old ones, borrowed a drill mounted grinder from our neighbor and enlarged the holes before installing the new speakers. With Norma on the outside and me on the inside, they bolted on easily enough and sound great. Another job done!

"Easily" may be a bit of an exaggeration. Imagine a 71 year old 6'4" guy bent down in here under the bench seat working!


  1. You've gotten a lot of projects done. Always feels good when you can cross them off that list.

  2. We have always tried to do repairs as things happen and never get behind but the 2005 rig is getting to that age were it is showing it's age. There is more to do every year.

  3. Fix and repair things as needed, nice to keep on top of things.
    Good job with the radio.