Monday, February 13, 2017

Lenovo Ideapad 110S

I am really happy with the $119 Lenovo I scored from Best Buy a few days ago. I was concerned that the 32GB (28GB after the hidden restore partition) solid state drive might not be large enough but my guru friend Rick Doyle reassured me that Windows 10 would not crowd it too much and he was right (was there ever any doubt?). I took it over to the clubhouse and used the park WIFI to do all the updates and Windows used only 15 GB.

I downloaded Chrome just because I prefer it to Edge and installed my Quicken. The drive is still only 60% full so there is lots of room. I just will not be able to use the machine to store photos.

It is blazingly fast due to the solid state drive and is ready to use just a few seconds after turning it on.

The only possible complaint I have is that the case is white, the only choice available in this sale, so it might be a little difficult to keep clean. But that complaint is very minor as it is a quality machine!


  1. Hope it works well for you sounds like a great deal.

  2. But it does have a keyboard to type on right? Wonderful stories about sunshine, food and good drinks, just saying!

    1. Yes, it does have a regular keyboard. I can't use those "virtual keyboard" things!