Saturday, February 25, 2017

Still Here!

Some friends from back home emailed to see if we were OK so I better report in. Nothing has been happening except for the odd walk around the park and some swimming. The weather has been good in the day and cool at night, in other words, perfect.

The dome/skylight over the shower got cracked from light contact with a branch. It has an inner and an outer layer, The outer bubble survived but the inner cracked. I took it out the other day to try to find a replacement and it broke up as I removed it. No one had the same size so I ended up ordering it on line for $110 plus $40 shipping. All in US dollars of course. It will be here in a week.

Anyway, that is the sum total of the action around here. We haven't even been out for dinner since we got here a month ago. Lazy but nothing wrong with that. I will let you know if Norma wins the PowerBall lottery.


  1. Nice to hear that all is well there, too bad about that shower dome was so expensive, just another repair on the books.

  2. Are you still working on the Bourbon?

    1. That bottle is still sitting here waiting for inspiration on my part but a whisky sour is in my future. I do have to at least crack the bottle before taking it back to Canada as they get much more excited about a sealed bottle than they do about on opened "part" bottle. They always suspect a sealed bottle is going to be resold, thwarting Canada's tax laws. Thanks again though Don and don't worry, your gift will be consumed!