Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Laptop

I replaced my Netbook a year or so ago with a small used laptop but was not happy with it. It had Windows 7 on it but it was corrupted and would not update to Windows 10. In frustration I formated the hard drive and installed Linux. It worked OK but was / is really slow and because it has no Windows, it will not run my financial program, Quicken.

When our American friend Paula was up to visit this summer she had a very nice little Lenovo Ideapad, a tiny laptop that was just perfect for what I wanted. I looked into them but they were just a little too expensive than I wanted to pay.

This morning Best Buy sent me an email advertising a five hour sale with this computer on it for $119. Perfect! I ordered it online but when I got to the checkout, it refused to take my creditcard because I did not have a USA billing address. I tried PayPal but same problem, they will not accept an out of USA payment. There was now less than an hour left on the sale so I called the customer service number and finally, after about 40 minutes got someone to take my money! It had free two day shipping so it should be here Thursday.

Here it is:


  1. Replies
    1. They make it so bloody hard to buy anything! I wonder how much has to do with Trump hating foreigners.

    2. That amazes me. The same with CostCo. They only take debit cards. When you run a Mexican debit card, you have to choose credit card for it to go through on the U.S. system. Great, CostCo doesn't take credit cards so they can't do that. Yet in the RGV, more Mexicans shop at CostCo in Pharr than the locals. Go figure.

    3. Hahaha...the stuff you try to blame on Trump is hilarious. Great deal, by the way!

  2. Good luck with your new computer, I still love my Mac now 8 years old and still working like new, Yes it is more money but for me worth it.

  3. Wait, you didn't tell me? I need another one now for Mom. I bought this one for her but hijacked it for my own use. Glad you got one.

    1. Sorry, at least it shows they do put them on for that price once in a while.

  4. email comment from Al:

    Just a couple of comments on your purchase.

    I bought a PC with limited hard drive capacity, I store files and stuff on a remote drive or on a thumb drive, if I don't I run out of drive space quickly! you may find out the same with yours.

    To add to comments about Costco, back home in Canada they take Master Cards, not Visa, here in the US they take Visa, not Master Cards! Frustrating, because we carry a MC as our only US$ credit card and it cost us on exchange and other fees to use our Canadian Visa card. Apparently Costco gets better rates on Visa here and MC back home (as shown by Wal-Mart's fight with Visa in Canada).

    I found that I could load all the programs on the PC but I had only about less than a gig of hard drive memory left (slows down the PC) so I store all the "data" (pictures, XL sheets, etc etc) on a remote drive or thumb drive. I have a remote drive which I move to the RV in the winter and back to my home network in the summer. I've got a wireless router and small network in the RV. You can probably load all your Quicken data on a thumb drive.

  5. As for Linux on your old one I find it usually runs better than Windows provided you don't try to install the latest and greatest.

    But that was a killer deal on the Lenovo. I've always like them.