Friday, February 10, 2017

Wandering Around Scottsdale

We dropped Norma's gold bracelet off at Jewelry Repair on Main Street in Mesa this morning for a repair. I asked Norma what she wanted to do until it was ready in four hours and she said "Lets explore Scottsdale". We headed over to Scottsdale Road and found one of the resorts we used to stay in when we escaped the north and soaked up summer sun in Arizona back in the 80's.

The Plaza hotel has not changed much over the years. We parked and went in to have a look. The lobby and pool area were the same and we walked on to the casitas that we used to rent for a couple / three weeks at a time for greatly reduced summer rates. Remington's, the on site restaurant and piano bar where we spent many evenings listening to Ike Cole (Nat King Cole's young brother) play and sing all the old favorites. Being there brought back many memories.

We left there and headed down to the Old Town where we stopped for a very late breakfast at The Breakfast Club and headed back to Mesa. Norma's bracelet was ready, he had gold soldered the catch back on, a very nice repair for only $20.

Tonight we are taking it easy as we are meeting our friends Brian and Sue up in Fountain Hills tomorrow morning for breakfast and the car show at Phil's Filling Station, a popular restaurant in Fountain Hills.


  1. Always fun to explore. Remember when we toured around Galveston? That was a blast!

  2. Nice to get out and about exploring old haunts, sounds like a fun day.

  3. Sounds like a fun day exploring the old places you have stayed at. Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Not to harp come no pictures? Glad to see you two are enjoying yourselves.

    1. Norma sprung it on me after we had left home without the camera.