Monday, February 6, 2017

More RV Servicing!

When we parked here in Mesa Norma noticed a propane smell outside the door and the furnace would not light. We called Four Points Mobile RV Service and talked to Juan who said he could not get here until Monday (unless it was an emergency) which was fine. It was Friday and it was warm enough that we did not need the furnace so we turned the propane off for the weekend. Today (Monday) Louis came out and quickly determined the leak came from the Extend-A-Stay valve that we had replaced in December. This time however it was just a cap that was not tight. I should have found that myself but I can say that about many things. The reduced pressure in the line resulted in the furnace's safety feature preventing the furnace from lighting.

While Louis was here we had him look at our Fantastic Fan which had quit working and which I suspected had a bad plunger switch. I was right and Louis simply bypassed the switch. It now works but has to be manually turned on and off until I get a new switch. Not a problem.

The cost was $155, very reasonable under the circumstances.


  1. Glad you got those things looked after especially the propane. The switch could be replaced if you call the fanatic fan company we have had a few parts shipped to us no charge, great customer service. Good luck

    1. I held onto the old switch because I heard they would replace it for free. The loose cap on the Extend-A-Stay just makes me mad. It was all my fault and I missed it.