Saturday, August 29, 2009

Honour System

We stopped by a local farm the other day. They had all their produce laid out for sale. "Real" red tomatoes, potatoes still with a trace of dirt, beautiful onions, milti-coloured squash and eggplant. The best to be found and all reasonably priced.

The people must have had something better to do that day than to wait around for the few of us who stopped to buy the goods. They had placed a metal box under the price list and labeled it "Honour Box, please leave payment for what you take".

I gave the box, which was not bolted down, a shake and it was quite heavy. Our purchases came to eight something so I left $10 thinking it might make up for someone who left nothing. I doubt if there are many of those or the farmers would quickly end this method of sale.

This whole thing gives you a good feeling about our fellow man. We could use more of this trust. It is almost Mexican.


  1. At the motel here, we shut down at about 8PM and then leave keys in the door of empty rooms for late arrivals!!!

  2. Let's hope there are more. The world could use a little more honesty, friendship and trust.