Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paramedics On Strike

Our Paramedics had a demonstration on the “Big Rock” in front of our house today. At 6:00AM a group climbed the rock and started waving at traffic while the rest set up a coffee table on the sidewalk and started handing out flyers. They are getting tons of support judging from the friendly beeps and waves from passing cars. We took them down a big pot of coffee and offered the use of our bathroom.

They have been on strike since April but it is hard to tell. They have to keep a minimal staff on for emergency coverage so the average person would not even know there is a strike. People would not know this but even though Paramedics have one of the most dangerous jobs, they are at the bottom of the pay scale for health care workers. Their demands are reasonable and the Government should settle this dispute!

There are plenty of TV reporters and politicians visiting them right now so maybe something will happen. The squeaky wheel gets the oil!



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