Monday, August 31, 2009

More Progressive Legislation from Mexico

Mexico Flag

Mexico City has recently expanded their definition of “Hate Crime” to include crimes against people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“The measure, which was approved on Thursday by an unanimous vote of 39-0 in the Federal District Legislative Assembly, adds a section to Article 138 of the city's Penal Code which establishes that homicides and lesions will be considered as "hate crimes" when they are committed due to hate, and when "the agent commits it based on social or economic status: By association, affiliation or relationship with a defined social group."

A hate crime, the measure says, can be motivated by "ethnic or social origin, nationality or place of origin, color or any other genetic characteristic, sex, language, gender, religion, age, opinions, disability, health status, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, occupation or activity of the victim."

A couple of weeks ago Mexico legalized possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use. Wouldn’t it be nice if their neighbor to the North would follow suit? Ronald Regan’s ridiculous “War on Drugs” has proved to be as unwinnable as any guerilla war the USA has taken on in the past. Legalizing drugs would put an immediate end to the drug war being waged on the Mexico – USA border and treatment of those who remained addicted would cost much less than continuing this foolhardy “war”. Thousands of civilian lives on both sides of the border would be saved.


  1. Amen to legalizing drugs. Think how many cops would be freed up to do more useful stuff; think how many fewer jail cells we'd need; think how many lives would not be ruined! Yes, there would be some who would still ruin their lives with drugs but not many and they wouldn't automatically be criminals.

    We'll never do it, of course. All those bible beaters would have a fit.

  2. My reading of the law leads me to believe that every homicide will now be considered a 'hate crime'. Who could you possibly kill that would not fall into one of the groups that the law defines?

    To reduce violence generated by drugs even more I suggest that the government give them away to anyone that asks. This would also eliminate all those other crimes that users commit to get the money for their drugs. If the user is so impaired that they cannot support themselves then the government needs to provide disability assistance. Legalization is only half the solution.

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