Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Project A Day

I figure if I can complete one project a day I am doing pretty good. Today I tackled the second phase of replacing the dolly lights with LED lights. The old lights are the type that if a bulb burns out, you replace the whole thing, lens and all. The first light burned out in the first month and the second was soon to follow. I figured that at this rate it would not take long to pay for replacing the lights with LED's that, with any luck will last as long as the dolly. I replaced the tail lights in the Spring and that left the clearance lights on the front of the fenders.

The old lights actually worked as both tail lights and turn signals. I went cheap and just bought clearance lights that work with the tail lights. The cutouts in the fenders were too large for the new lights so I did the same trick with the plastic cutting boards as I did with the tail lights. I bought a cheap white cutting board and cut two pieces out of it to cover the old holes. I then screwed the new lights on and wired them into the old wiring harness. It was a simple job and tested out perfectly. I could go into the business!

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