Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Bought Another Lens

I finally replaced the “normal” lens that came with my Nikon D70S. The original lens did not last very long. The zoom action sucked in tons of dust so I took it in for repair. It was shipped off to Nikon who notified me that the charge for cleaning the lens would be more than the original cost of the lens. Thanks Nikon!

To get me by I started using a non-digital lens from my old film cameras and it worked fine but I was left with a gap in my focal length range and found myself having to reach for the old dust filled lens the odd time with less than perfect results.

Today I was browsing on eBay and found a new Sigma 18-50 DC lens for only $109. This is the focal length I wanted and although the price is so low, the lens has pretty good test results. I had another Sigma lens years ago and was not happy with it at all. It literally fell apart while I was using it. I am very careful with my equipment and there was no reason for this except faulty assembly. Since then I have stayed away from Sigma but many others have used them without problems so I guess it is time to give them a second chance. If I ever win the lottery and can afford a complete set of VR (Vibration Reduction) lenses, I am sure I can sell this one for what I paid for it. When it gets here the old lens will go on Craigslist for a very reasonable price and a full declaration.

Sigma 18-50 DC Lens

Sigma 18-50

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