Sunday, August 30, 2009

Visit From "The Mexico Kid"

We had a visit from our friend Les, aka "The Mexico Kid" today. Les was the person who gave us the confidence to make our first foray into Mexico with the RV three years ago. He is an "old hand" at Mexico travel and has been a great resource for us.

Les was in the USA a week ago and I asked him to pick up a new video distribution switch from Camping World for us as ours was giving us some problems. They were $125 locally and $49 at Camping World. I much prefer to shop locally and don't mind paying a little extra to support local suppliers but this kind of rip-off cannot be explained with any kind of logic. His "excuse" for coming up from Nanaimo was to drop off this switch.

We had a nice lunch and a visit and then Les and I repaired a cupboard door in his motorhome that kept opening when hitting topes in Mexico. We added a couple of extra spring loaded catches to the door that should keep it in place. Les showed me where he had some fiberglass repair done in Mexico after a small backing up contact with a gate. They had done such a nice job that I literally could not tell where the damage had been. Another endorsement of Mexican craftsmen! I would not hesitate having any work done down there.

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  1. Thanks Croft for the mention in the blog but did you have to say I backed into a wall???? Too funny, thanks for the help and also thanks Norma for the great lunch, again confirms that your house is the best RV spot on the island, cheers Les