Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Bought A Netbook

I have been researching and looking for a 10 inch Netbook. The old eMachines laptop is simply too heavy to pack around Mexico’s centros in search of a WIFI signal. We did this for two winters now and after three or four hours of packing that thing, my shoulder is sore. Plus trying to take a photo with a ten pound laptop and power supply swinging from your shoulder is tough! The netbook is only about three pounds.

I have been looking for an Asus Eee 1005HA netbook with Windows XP on it for a while. Today I checked everywhere in town and the best price I found was at Staples for $449. I searched the Internet for Canadian suppliers and found Compu2000 in Richmond BC who had two of them left with the larger 8.5 hour battery for $369. They are $299 USA in the States at Target stores but these may or may not have the larger battery. The Richmond store had a free shipping deal on right now so I ordered one in black. My first choice was blue but they had none.

We will still have the old laptop in the motorhome for photo work and doing the finances. The netbook will just be for Internet browsing, email and posting the Blog.



  1. Nice one Croft...NO MORE posting about me backing into walls!!!!! Thanks for a great visit and the repair job, enjoy the new toy!! Les

  2. These little incidents make you a stronger person Les. Ask me, I know! We have all had walls suddenly jump out when we are trying to maneuver in close quarters.