Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Crazy People

Yesterday in Mexico we had a Pastor hijack an airplane on instructions from the Big Guy himself. Yes, Pastor Josmar Flores Pereira, part time drug addict and Born Again Pastor of the ‘Exito Familiar’ (Family Success) Christian Ministry in Cancun is the lone crazy who was told by God to hijack the 737. His "bomb" was a can of beans with some wires and lights taped to it. His mission was to warn the President of Mexico that God was celebrating 09/09/09 (which is 666 upside down as everyone knows) with a disastrous earthquake in Mexico. God told him to tape some wires to a can of beans, hijack an airplane and go spread the Word.

One thing you did have to admire though was how this was handled by the army and Federalis. Once the aircraft landed they took very quick control of the situation and ended it with no injuries. Very professional.

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