Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Garden Shed

We have been lacking a garden shed since we moved in here twenty years ago. There was a tiny phone booth size structure in back that used to be a smokehouse for the previous owners who smoked fish there. Norma commandeered it to store her garden tools in but they quickly overflowed into my workshop. The workshop has now gotten to the point where it is unusable as a workshop because it is so full of "stuff".

This weekend our son Brooks and Linda came up and we decided to build a 10 X 4 lean-to on the side of the workshop to store the garden supplies. Working between rainfalls onFriday we got the floor built and the walls raised and on Saturday we put the roof on and added a large door. I had a couple of boxes of laminate flooring left over from the TV room project a couple of years ago that were in the workshop taking up space and picking up moisture. This got laid in the new garden shed to reinforce the half inch plywood floor and to make it the only garden shed I have ever seen with an oak laminate floor!

Linda's mom and dad came up from Victoria on Saturday for a visit and I made my new specialty, Red Snapper Veracruz or "Pescado Veracruzana", a concoction of tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives, capers and herbs poured over red snapper and baked. Everyone agreed that it was delicious and the pot got licked clean. The evening ended with everyone dancing to my collection of "oldies" while enjoying a little wine and sampling a really nice bottle of Single Malt that Brooks brought up for his favorite dad.

Brooks and Linda are partners in a fencing business that has finally turned the corner and is making money! They are getting almost more business than they can handle so it is difficult for them to take a couple of days off to visit. They are booked up until the end of the year and the phone is still ringing. They hope to take a month off for a visit to Mexico early in the new year. We are really happy for them and very proud of them. It is difficult to make a go of a small business in today's economy but they have done it. They are both hard workers!

The Garden Shed:

Yes, I know. It is a mess but it is under construction so give me a break. I will do the wiring in it next week while Norma gives it a paint job. It will look good.


  1. Whatever you do, don't start organizing your workshop now! I look forward to doing that when I arrive so that I can find stuff while I'm working this winter. Oh, and to help you and Norma out, too, of course. ;)

  2. Don't worry Rae, There will be lots to do. I will just be separating "mine" from "hers".

  3. Looks great to me. But then again I'd never publish a photo of something I built! LOL Most of the things I build don't stand long enough to have their photo taken.