Friday, September 18, 2009

Nothing New

Sorry I have not been posting lately but there is nothing new to report. I know I am usually good at making something out of nothing but lately there has been nothing nothing.

We painted the garden shed between rainfalls and it looks pretty good. Right now we are reorganizing my computer room to accommodate some stuff that has no where else to go. We added one of those cheap do it yourself bookcases for the corner.

Somehow the laser printer quit communicating with Norma's computer so I will have to spend some time on that.

The weather has been the shits so I have no ambition and Norma can't work in the garden so she is in the house all day bothering me. I want to go to Mexico!

We went down yesterday for our Hepatitis A booster shots. $55 each for the prescriptions and nothing for the injection by our doctor. Our prescriptions are free after the $300 deductible per family but we seldom ever reach that. Yea Socialized Medicine! I never will understand the Americans refusal of an affordable system of their own. I guess they just believe the crap put out by the health profit industry and idiots like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. If they go bancrupt because they can't afford to buy their hospital administrator a new sailboat it is their own damn fault! Sorry, the weather has got me down. I want to go to Mexico.

Like I said, there is nothing new.


  1. Hi Croft, do you need to get HepA Boosters to go down to Mexico?
    Just wondering... or is there anything else I need to get (other than a passport of course) before heading down?

    Email me


    Nothing new is never boring, just nothing new....

  2. No Karyn, Hep A vaccine is not required. It is the only one we get because it is the one we are most exposed to. It is caused by injesting feces and with all the eating at street taco stands and buying veggies at roadside stands that we do, we just don't want to take the chance. Hep B is a sexually transferred (and blood borne) disease - not a real problem for us. Some people worry about it if they have to get medical attention down there but our experience with dental offices and such is that they are very clean.

    Swine flu shots will not be available before we leave but Mexico has a much lower incidence of the problem than most other "developed countries". We may get shots once we are down there but probably not. We got prescriptions for Tamiflu (flu treatment) that we can get gilled in Mexico if we pick anything up. It is not a big concern for us.

  3. It is a good idea for everyone to get the Hep. shots. You are exposed daily in the USA and Canada. You never know when someone in a store or restaurant is not being hygienic. It is not just a problem in countries like Mexico.