Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unscheduled Trip

We had to make an unscheduled trip down to Victoria yesterday. Norma's brother, who has been in a wheelchair for many years, developed an infection in his leg. He went into the hospital and they immediatlynremoved the leg! He is quite cheerful and looking forward to therapy so he will be able to transfer from bed to his chair easily. His comment was, "That is sure the easy way to lose 65 pounds!" They removed the leg the day before his 65th birthday.

He has been having problems with his legs for years with many hip replacements and a final experiment with a cadaver bone. None of them really worked all that well and he is looking forward to gaining some mobility.

I guess we are all getting older.

We stopped at Brooks & Linda's on the way home and as luck would have it, they had the granddaughters! Sierrah, the youngest, was quite taken by my new 10" netbook and decided that is what she wants to spend her savings on. She has almost enough in the bank and made a very compelling argument for her case so I told her I would help her find one.

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