Thursday, September 3, 2009

Netbook - First Impressions

Talk about overnight delivery! The computer left Vancouver at 5:00 yesterday and was delivered to my door at 8:30 this morning! I am posting from it now.

First Impressions:

I got the 4400 mAh battery and the mat screen. Haven't tried it in the sun yet as it is raining. The battery charged for about two hours and then the indicator went from yellow to green indicating a full charge.

I used my thumb drive to install AVG and Firefox. Worked like a charm. I decided to skip the Norton 60 day trial and go directly to AVG simply because of my past experiences with NAV and my good experiences with AVG.

The plug on the end of the power cord does not seem to make a really good connection. If the wire moves during the charging period sometimes it switches over to battery. The power plug is about half the size of the one on my cell phone! I will have to watch this.
EDIT: After a hint from Jack on the Escapees Forum, I pressed the connector a little harder and it "clicked" into place for a very solid connection. So far I am very happy with this little unit!

I like the keyboard. I was concerned about the smaller keys but it seems easy to work with.

I sure notice the screen real estate! After the five toolbars at the top of the screen, there is not much room left to work in. I tried changing the resolution from the default 1024X600 but although I could read it, it involved scrolling to see the whole screen.
Edit: Bob on Escapees told me about the F11 trick. Press F11 and you get full screen mode! Magic!

I am now busy installing bookmarks to my banking, Gmail and my Blog. I am sure I will have more to add later.


  1. Hey I didnt know about that F11 key thanks!!!
    WOW what a difference!


  2. Sounds pretty cool. I'd like one to play with but my laptop is only a year and a half old and my wife would brain me if I bought another! Don't know why she'd be upset, it would only be our fourth computer. ;)