Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Not Much Good When I Have Nothing To Do!

I get bored and cranky when I have no projects. Lots of times I have projects and don't do them, but at least I have a project!

When Norma was young on the farm in Nanaimo, a neighbour had a wood fired sauna. She always talks about how nice it was and how she would like one of her own. I have always been lukewarm on them myself. Once or twice a year in a hotel usually gave me my fill of saunas even though I am Scandinavian and should thrive on them.

I always told myself they were too expensive for the few times we would ever use it. Like the hot tub that found it's final resting place in the dump.

My son told me to check out eBay for electric sauna heaters because they were not as expensive as I thought. I did and found I could get one to heat a 6 X 7 sauna with a 7 foot ceiling for $250 USA shipping included! Brooks offered to supply the cedar for free from his fencing business and him and LindaLee will help me build it. The workshop is already wired for 240 with two 30 amp breakers so it will be a very easy weekend project to build one as another lean-to on the side of the workshop. I can even add a cold water shower on the end of it where no neighbours can peek.

Now I have a project and I may even grow to like saunas.


  1. Your place sounds better and better all the time! :)

    My mail is now en route to your place; please take good care of it. :)

  2. No guarantees it will be done by then Rae.....