Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quiet Thanksgiving

It was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. We had a pretty quiet time. Brooks and Linda Lee had some work and did not drive up and Norma was busy using the last of the nice weather to work in her garden. I was busy reminding her that we had to start getting ready to head out for the winter.

Sunday morning we decided to drive down to visit the kids for one night. We had a load of stuff from the wedding as well as a cooler full of frozen fish that was given to them for the wedding by their fisherman friend but was not needed. We loaded up the Mazda and headed down. It was a nice visit, the first we have seen them since the wedding. Brooks had hauled a couple of fallen trees out of the back of their property and cut it up for firewood. There are a few more trees back there that will be a little harder to get out. They are going to make an effort to heat the house for the winter with wood which is not that hard to do with the high efficiency wood burning stove they have. Two or three loads of wood a day will do it.

They have both updated their phones so Brooks gave me his iPod to take to Mexico. It works with WIFI only and has "Facetime" on it. He always complains that sometimes we go for weeks without talking to them when we are in Mexico. With this device we will be able to video chat whenever we are in a WIFI zone. It is a neat little device that I have no idea how to use. It will be another learning curve for me. First problem is to find out which operating system version it has on it. I tried to download a free "app" last night but was told I had to update the OS first. How the heck do I do that? Brooks says to download iTunes onto the desktop computer and the iPod should communicate with it. Well here goes nothing...


  1. You'll like that little iPod, I've had one for a few years before I got my iPhone. Brooks is right, just download iTunes and setup a free account, then plug the iPod into your computer and it will lead you through the update process.

    It should (???) be fairly straightforward.

  2. So far so good Rick. The OS updated and I had to set it up as if it were a new iPod. This was good because Brooks' credit card number was embedded in it and I would have hated to have him charged for something I bought. Well, on second thought.....

  3. Well done Croft. One more high tech doodad thingamagig for the road. They are great tools...as you will soon experience.