Monday, October 15, 2012

Up On The Roof

If you remember the 60's, you can hum along with me.

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed looking out at the rain when I noticed the rain gutter outside the window was overflowing! Ha! A project.

Around noon the rain stopped so I unwound the hose, hauled the extension ladder out and climbed up. The back, shaded side of the roof attracts moss like crazy and it had a good crop going this year, I guess it has been a while since I dealt with it. I went up to the peak and started working my way down, using the high power jet from the hose to wash the moss out from between the roofing sheets. It worked better than expected and after an hour or so I declared the job done.

I then went to work clearing the gutters of accumulated crap and gave them a final power wash until they looked like new. By the time I cleaned up and put everything away, it was about a three hour job, a good day's work for a retired 67 year old.

All that bending, stooping, kneeling, carrying and climbing had aggravated my back a little so I felt I deserved a few hours in my recliner watching TV. We had pizza for dinner. It was a good day. Life is Good!


  1. Good job Croft. Your recliner was a fitting reward following a tough job. And yes, 'life is good'.

  2. Heck, I'm only 62 and climbing on the roof is one job I won't do anymore! Too risky, but sounds like you made out okay. Good for you.

  3. That right smack dab in the middle of town
    I found a paradise that's troubleproof
    And if this old world starts a getting you down
    There's room enough for two
    Up on the roof...

    I always do the recliner first and let that project feeling fade away.

  4. That is an excellent job for a 67 year old retired guy, Croft, and the good news is that you lived to tell us all about it.

    I'm now 68 and until last year I used to clean the gutters on our roof as well. The trouble is the back is about 25' above a solid concrete deck and I have to go up on the roof to clean them. So...... last year I hired Gator Gutter to do it for me and I just watched.

    It made me so tired that I had go buy a pizza for dinner.

  5. I do mine from up on the roof as well. It could be done from a ladder but it would mean moving the ladder a lot. I think my way is easier but perhaps a tad more dangerous. The back has a retaining wall about four feet from the house so the fall would only be five or six feet onto soft grass if I could manage to land on the other side of the retaining wall.

    Watching that guy on TV fall 128,000 feet and land safely yesterday gave me some encouragement.

  6. Good thing you did it, imagine if you had gone to Mexico and not done it. You could have come home to a problem. We put up gutters last year, best thing we ever did. We have covers that help keep the leaves out. But now, I am thinking I need to check them for moss or other stuff growing in them. Thanks.

  7. No house, no gutters to clean! :-)

  8. You did a great job right there, Croft! Thank goodness that you noticed the overflowing gutter immediately because it could've been worse if you didn't. What was the reason your gutter clogged like that? Was there any pile of leaves or debris that cost it to clog? Well, you just have to check on it regularly next time in order to avoid this from happening again. :) Good day!

  9. I agree with Lenore. The damage could've been worse if you didn't notice the overflowing water in your gutter. There must be some kind of unidentified debris or something that blocked the flow of water. Anyway, it's a good exercise for you as well. Why don't you let your son do the job next time? It must’ve been hard for you to climb up the roof when the roof needed some intense cleaning.

  10. It was leaves. We have several trees out back that drop their leaves on the roof which then get washed into the gutter. I have to clean them out twice a year. The moss is restricted to the north facing back side of the roof.

    My son just reminded me it is 15 years since he, Jason and I put that roof on. Time flies.

  11. I'm sorry about that. :( To keep moss from thriving on your roof, you must clean them regularly, Croft. Physically remove the moss so that it may create an environment which is counterproductive for the moss to grow.