Sunday, October 28, 2012

What You Would Get With Romney

Think about it!


  1. Wow, formulating an opinion from a tv entertainer.

    Welcome to America !

    1. As opposed to what? The talking heads on FOX?

    2. Michael (below) is right. I have decided to accept anonymous comments but if you want to be seriously considered in the debate, sign your name at the bottom. Otherwise it is just spam.

  2. Mr Anonymous, why didn't you leave your name? "Even the deer were rolling their eyes" Good one Croft!

  3. I loved that show!!

    Common sense used to be common but now seems to be waning in the U.S.
    For some reason science and truth don't work for many citizens these days. They just don't like reality and would prefer something different.

    Bill Maher show is the BEST had me laughing to tears.

  4. Romney alone may not be a problem, however the same neo-cons who manipulated Bush are wringing their hands and can't wait to slide in behind him. With all the turmoil in the middle east, the last thing we need now is this pack of reactionaries taking us into more wars. This is the same group who ignore how the billions in cost of Bush's wars devastated our economy.

  5. True words, Bill, so true. And your use of the word reactionaries is astute.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing that, Croft! I sent it to all my Right Wing friends and family. They will hate it! Great!

  7. Hey Croft, Good to read your political posts.
    I'm in total agreement, but I hold the caviat that I too get my opinions confirmed from the likes of Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Rachael Maddow, and the others at MSNBC. I am aware of Fox but only see excepted clips that are played on Jon Sewart's Daily Shgow and the like.
    Two things: I think that I am like most people who tend to follow what "news" confirms their own bias, so I don't really give the other side much of a chance. Secondly, I sometimes wonder why I get so fired up about the political scene in the US when I am not a US citizen. Down here in Paamul, there are quite a few ex-pat Americans who are clearly Republican. I have decided to keep my opinions to myself.
    The US elections sure are a Big Show, and make our Canadian politics, politicians and commentators look so tame and lifeless. I catch the CBC News political round table "At Issue" from time to time, and while Andrew Coyne and Chatal Hebert have some interesting things to say, they are so low-key and measured.
    Politics, in general, gets me depressed. The whole Super Pack circus, and my obserevation that most people can be so easily manipulated by their fears and paranoia, makes me sad.
    So back to Bill, Jon, and Stephen. At least they make me laugh.