Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Will He Throw A Punch?

We know he can. Look how he decimated Hillary in the primaries in 2008 and she is no lightweight herself! He has to take the lead and attack Romney who has left himself wide open for attack. He has been caught in lies and he has continuously changed his positions. He does not want to be reminded of this and Obama politely downplayed these issues in the first debate.

It is time for the gloves to come off! We want to see the same Obama we saw in 2008!


Where were the questions on choice?

Where were the questions on equal marriage?, Voter suppression?

Romney was up to his usual lies and Obama did challenge him on a couple. One biggie he missed was Romney saying his Blind Trust "might" invest in China. EVERYONE can repeat almost word for word Romney's previous statement that blind trusts were a scam, that anyone can tell a blind trust what and what not to invest in.

It wasn't a knockout but it went to Obama on a decision.

This Just In:

Croft --

Tonight, I hope you saw exactly what's at stake in this election.

This race is neck and neck. What happens in the next three weeks will determine which side wins.

That's in your hands -- I'll be fighting as hard as I can, but I can't do this without you.

Stand with me tonight. Make a donation to support this campaign before tomorrow's final FEC deadline:


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  1. Let's hope it's a real haymaker, Croft!

  2. I'd say the President knocked it, and Romney, out of the park tonight.

  3. With all the talk about China and businesses going overseas, I was waiting for a question about all the money Romney has in offshore bank accounts and especially why he won't release more than two years tax returns.

    1. Yes, more unasked questions. Is it possible the content of the debates is controlled?

  4. Obama did win the second debate. I'm gauging the pundits' feedback and also hope that Obama will deal the final blow in next week's final debate. I do not trust Romney's hidden agenda.

  5. Croft,

    I am sure you will appreciate reading this article.


  6. If Romney wins, four years of Bush era war investments. If Obama wins, he will give the house away. I'm not a believer in give-aways. Work for it. There are exceptions but enough welfare. If LBJ were alive, I'd slap him upside the head.