Sunday, September 22, 2013


We survived the downpour this morning. A ton of water came down the bank behind us but our multi thousand dollar drainage system we had put in several years ago worked. We did not wash into the sea.

Today is the day I am reinstalling Windows 7 in my Acer desktop. It did not come with a Windows disc but it did prompt me to make a set of three DVD's when I set it up the first time. These discs allow me to reinstall Windows. We shall see. I put in the first disc a while ago and it is working away.

Rick advised me to use Window's Easy Transfer to keep my data so I took his advice and have a thumbdrive sitting there with all my data on it. The three disc set allowed me to choose several different methods and I chose the one that reinstalls Windows but lets me keep all my data. It will be easy to see if this was the correct choice when the computer connects to Windows Update. If there was some kind of a trojan virus in there that resulted in the "Not Legal Copy of Windows" notification that kept me out of any Windows programs and services it will be noticed then and I can do it all again using the more aggressive methof that should wipe the hard drive.

It is on the second disc now and still puttering away....

In the meantime I am watching the BC Lions football game against Saskatchewan. Busy day!

Oh yes, I recently updated Google Chrome and the Blogger site seems to have lost the toolbar that allows me to make a new post and get into the Blogger Dashboard. I am having to make this post from Firefox.


  1. Croft, sure hope the re-load of Windows 7 works out for you. I just finished watching the Fed-Ex Cup (PGA Golf) and now following the CFL Lions trying to beat Saskatchewan. It on and off rain here in Langley with gusting winds. That makes it an indoor kind of day.

  2. I do hope the disks allow the reinstall...Vista didn't for me. By the BY, the blogger toolbar may just need to be "turned on" in Chrome.

  3. The discs worked. It was actually kind of user friendly. I am quite pleased with the way Acer did this.