Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Monitor and Found Remote

Norma's old computer was running on an eMachines monitor I picked up on sale at Staples several years ago. I was never happy with this monitor, it always had a "fuzzy" appearance. I messed around with the resolution settings once but could not improve it. Norma was happy with it and never likes me "messing" with "her" computer anyway so I just left it.

When I plugged the old monitor into the new Dell, wow! It looked great! Sharp and nice crisp colors. Maybe it was the old video card or maybe I just missed something.

When I was messing around installing the Inverter in the motorhome the remote for the front TV went missing. I know it was there at one point because I had the TV on to test the inverter. I searched high and low for it and even took the plywood tops off the dinette seats to check under them - nothing.

I finally asked for help and Norma found it under the passenger seat. I guess I put it on the top of the dinette seat back and then knocked it off.

Of course in the meantime I ordered a new remote from eBay. Oh well, it was only $8.

I am getting itchy feet. It is getting cool at night up here.


  1. Boy, come on down. Still 35C here in the north! Any news on the Linux install on the old computer?

  2. I hate it when I search and search for something, can't find it, ask Paulette and voila - she find's it immediately! What's with that anyway?

    1. I strongly suspect they hide stuff on us just so they can "find" it when we turn to them in desperation.