Tuesday, November 26, 2013

El Paso

We drove through to El Paso, Texas today. It was a long day and cool. In fact there was snow alongside the highway most of the way through New Mexico, left over from the recent passage of the cold front.

We checked into the Mission RV Park here in El Paso at about four intending to stay two nights but they have stopped honoring Passport America between November and April so the price is $41.75 per night, too expensive for what you get here. It was too late to move on so we paid for one night. We will move on tomorrow and will get to the Rio Grande Valley one day early.

Chris and Juan... Where will you be? I have a bottle of vodka!


  1. We arrived in Gold Canyon, AZ, to 70+ temperatures and bright blue skies. Finally!!!!! We hope your weather improves too.

  2. Welcome to Texas, too bad about that Passport deal. Thats too expensive for us.
    Enjoy the long drive along I-10.

  3. We are heading to McAllen this morning, Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow. We will stay until Sunday. We are at the Casa del Valle Rv Resort in Alamo. Vodka? Hmm, I like that :) We will invite you to a good TexMex breakfast.

  4. Hard to believe snow in NM. Hope you catch up with the guys!

  5. All day now, I'll be humming that great old Marty Robbins tune "...out in the west Texas town of El Paso.....".

    That does sound a bit pricey for an RV park alright.

    1. We were in Rosa's Cantina. It is just like the song, even has a back door and is right beside the New Mexico border. Good Lone Star beerr