Thursday, November 28, 2013

Frozen Water

Norma got up before me this morning at 7:30 or so and went into the bathroom. "Oh-oh" I heard. "What?" I asked. "The toilet won't flush!" I jumped up and tried the sink, nothing. The water hose is frozen. I turned on the pump and we had water so our holding tanks were OK. The sun is out and it will thaw soon. No problema, as they say in Mexico.

A half hour later everything was back to normal. It is Thanksgiving here which means everything is closed. There are no "Black Friday" sales in quiet little Marathon, TX. Everyone will be home digesting their turkey. However, we are almost out of bottled water which we use for coffee and drinking. I will walk over to the office and ask if the tap water here is good for coffee. It probably is.

Norma is using her rest day for doing laundry and having a shower. It is 9:00 and sunny, 38 F. There is a warming trend on with temperatures headed towards daytime in the low 70's. I hope we are heading into the warmer temperatures.

We talked to Chris and Juan last night. They are in the Rio Grand Valley "RGV" with their trailer, where it is freezing cold as well. They will wait for us there and then the four of us will head over to South Padre Island for a few days on the seashore. I am looking forward to it.

My reader Al sent me an email telling me about a great RV park in Del Rio, TX, called Broke Mill RV Park. Del Rio is about three or four hours down the road and we might just stop there because Laredo is a little far for a days drive for is. Thanks Al.


  1. We had a little frozen hose for an bit this morning but all good by 8 am.
    Enjoy your day and keep warm there.

  2. When the water is iffy, it is best to resort to cowboy coffee. A saucepan full of water, brought to a hard boil, poured over the ground coffee or the way it was made when I was at home with my folks before they became civilized: a gallon of water, a quarter pound of ground coffee and it is all brought to a hard boil for five minutes and let sit for a few minutes to let the grounds settle. Strong coffee, trust me...

    The jet stream is pushing cold air deep into the south, 58 F in Ticul, Yucatan last night, my friends in Antigua are burning wood at night . We have temps in the teens today, here in Ohio, about a foot of snow and more falling outside the office.

  3. I'm filing this one into my "Joys of Being a Snowbird" folder. I guess it's as they say, never a dull moment... even for a retired guy! Glad to hear you're both doing okay and enjoying yourselves, other than being a little frosty. Sounds like you'll be getting the warmer stuff soon!
    Please give Norma our warmest regards, and you both take care.

  4. I find it comforting that I have about the same temperatures today. :)

    If you're going to SPI, do you want directions to the beach I stayed at last year? You might want to hit it on the way north from SPI. It's just south of Port Lavaca. No services whatsoever (except trash cans), but free can't be beat! You might even run into my friend L, who likes happy hour as much as you do. :)

    1. Chris and Juan know about this. They offered it as one of the options on the Island. Maybe we should have just gone to Saskatchewan for the winter! ;) I keep telling myself it will get warmer, and it probably will. There was snow at the side of the road through much of the drive through Big Bend Country yesterday. Come on Mother Nature. Cooperate!

    2. I think with the cold temperatures, we will opt for hookups. It is cheaper to pay for an RV park than it is to use the furnace 24/7

    3. Derek said that we'll head over to you and we can all go back down to Mexico together to get some warmth!