Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reminder To Self

Never, ever, ever take the I-5 / I-210 route to Palm Springs again! Never! This route skirts Los Angeles and is no fun in an RV. It goes up and over a range of mountains and then back up and over the same range after you turn onto 210. The lanes are narrow and several other freeways merge into ours along the way. Traffic is ridiculous! No, take the Bakersfield cutoff next time,

We had to stop for gas twice today (see previous comment on mountain ranges) and paid $3.79 per gallon, thanks to being in SO CAL (Southern California).

We are parked in the RV parking area of the Morongo Casino just west of Palm Springs. We have been here before and like last time, could not find the RV area. We just parked in the parking lot with the 4-way flashers going until security noticed and came to tell us we could not park there. He then gave us an escort to the proper area with his light bar flashing.

We walked over to the casino where I donated $5 to the slots and Norma, not being as willing as I to admit defeat, donated $40. It turns it into an expensive stop but hopefully this will be Norma's casino fix.

Tomorrow we will get to Yuma and check into Cocopah Golf and RV Resort for three or four days. Our friends Muff and Val from Vernon winter there but we do not know if they are actually there yet. It will be fun anyway.


  1. Have a great time off the road for a few days. Have to give us a Yuma weather report. Very nice in Puerto Escondido right now ;-)

  2. Travel safe and enjoy Yuma. Should be still quite warm there.

  3. We've only been south once through California! Crazy - we were surprised at the condition of the roads - all the roads. That was back three years ago. Thankfully we did take the Bakersfield route. We did drive around Palm Springs in the truck - the closest we have ever come to an accident happened there when a lady came over into our lane!

  4. Norma got off easy me thinks. California has the worst roads.

  5. Anywhere in LA is not the greatest place to be driving around in, or pulling, an RV. At least you made it through safely. Hope you get great weather for your stay in Yuma.

  6. Replies
    1. We have booked one week here and then we will head east towards Casa Grande and Tucson and then Texas.