Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ObamaCare Booth

We were in a mall today in Salem, Oregon where they had a booth signing people up for ObamaCare. We were in line near it and I overheard the person doing the signing up say to a young couple, "So it looks like $38 per month". I have no idea what he was discussing, the full cost, part cost, deduction or what, all I heard was $38.

There was an older woman in line behind us and Norma asked her if she had signed up yet. She said, "No, and I never will. They implant a chip in your neck or hand with all your medical information on it. I sure don't want that." We asked her where she had heard that and she answered that "It is on the Internet".

We told her we were from Canada where we have health care and we have no chips in our neck (showing her our necks). She said, "It may work in Canada but it can't work here". We asked her why and she answered, "Because we don't want it".

What can you say?


  1. Oregon is a good example of how it works when the state enacted health exchanges on their own, rather than refusing to enact one out of spite. Residents then don't have to rely on the federal exchange, while those of us in states that refused to enact an exchange are mired in the federal exchange.

    Chip implants??! Did you tell her you also have a coin in Canada called a "loonie?"

  2. If it's on the internet, it MUST be true. Are you sure she's not from Calgary?

  3. This is the US of A where apparently we have a law against fixing stupid! Certainly we should have some universal health care but Obamacare seems to be the dumbest possible way of implementing it. Why we couldn't have learned from Germany or England or Canada or ???? No, we had to invent a new screwed up version of it.

    1. Yes, Single Payer is the way to go! That was what Obamacare started out as but it was dumbed down after the Tea Party started screaming, "Socialism". Too bad.

  4. I got that message about the planted chip on facebook. I immediately said it wasn't true....but you know if it is on facebook, it really has to be true.....

  5. I'm all for the universal healthcare. What I don't understand is that there are so many Americans without healthcare you would think they would have had millions signed up by now. Not sure how this will affect me, from what I've read I can only spend 35 days in the U.S., more than that I have to sign up as I file taxes in the U.S. Noproblem with that either, I just need to make some decisions about what is best for me.

    As for the chip, many people want to see this fail and are trying to derail the system. Time will tell.

  6. This is the first time I've heard anyone say anything about a chip.

    Just shows how gullible the general public is. Of course the fact Obama got elected the second time proves it even more.