Thursday, November 28, 2013

Marathon Photos

Highway 90

The Park
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    1. Average one per hour until about 9:00 PM and the next one I heard was just before 7:00 in the morning. Norma says there was one in the middle of the night but it did not wake me up.

    2. Hmmm - looks a bit bare - we may need to do some more research. Looks like there are a few places in Fort Davis too - we like it there also - also a bit bare - or as you say - very "Texas".

  2. We are at Edgar and Anna's sitting in the rig, looking over the ridge and having a cerveza. 25C when we got here....don't you miss Mexico already. Have a great trip, we're following your journey.

    1. Wow! Are Edgar and Anna still there! Good to hear - hope they are doing fine - we were there last year at this time.

    2. It is impossible to think of Edgar and Anna without a smile erupting. What a great couple!