Friday, November 15, 2013

Somewhere On I-5

We got a very late start today. We slept in a little, had some coffee and muffins for breakfast (thanks to our neighbor Pauline) and then headed 40 miles to the Olive Pit where I grazed the sample bar while Norma picked up a few items. Next it was a couple of miles down the highway to a truck wash where, for $1.25 per foot they washed a summer's worth of grime from the motorhome and for $10 extra, included the car and dolly. $50 total including spray on wax.

Then it was a stop at Denny's where for only the second time in my life, I sent my food back to the kitchen. My poached eggs were hard as rocks. I could have made deviled egg sandwiches out of them. She quickly returned with four (!) perfectly cooked eggs, no hard feelings.

We then headed south but by now it was 1:30. We drove through the madhouse of Sacramento and stayed on I-5 instead of taking the Hwy 99 option. 99 is more scenic but is an old concrete highway and the thumping as you hit every joint can be a little annoying. There is nothing on this section of I-5 and at around 4:30 I was starting to nod off so we pulled into a TA truck stop and nestled into their huge parking lot with the big rigs. I think we are in the section where the non-reefers park. I hope so. We will watch a taped movie and call it a night.


  1. We know all about that 99 ka-thunk. Denny's, ate their once or twice years ago and I aim to keep it that way. Nothing like finding one of those mom and pop places where the food is excellent. Derek.

  2. Mmmmmm. Olive Pit. We'll be stopping there too!

  3. Keep on going and travel safe, hope you got a good nights rest.

  4. Ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk is right about Hwy. 99. We tried that once and lasted about 30 miles before heading back over to I-5. Sacramento to Bakersfield is a pretty boring drive alright with not much to see other than an occasional look at the California Aqueduct.

    $50 for getting your rig washed and spray waxed etc. is a real deal. Denny's? Not so much.