Monday, July 11, 2011

11.8% And Counting!

After the recent vote in New York State, 11.8% of Americans now live in States where you are allowed to marry the person you love, regardless of sex. Not very impressive in itself but we must consider that until 2008, only 2% of Americans were allowed to do so!

It is not a big deal here in Canada where same sex marriage has been allowed nationwide since 2005. When Canada joined this "Club Of Tolerance" only four other countries had this enlightened legislation. This club now includes Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden as well as the Federal District (DF) of Mexico.

This is the new Human Rights battleground! I can't understand why so many remain opposed. Even Obama is dragging his feet on the issue, saying his position is "evolving". Well, as the t-shirts say, "Evolve Already!".

Rant Alert!

The Catholic Church is opposed.... I'm not sure why. The Old Testament is not big on it but the Old Testament also OK's selling our daughters into slavery, tells us it is a sin to get a tattoo, that we are not allowed to wear clothes of two different fabrics, plant different crops in the same field, cut our sideburns or trim our beard. There is also the Old Testament demands that we stone to death women who are raped in the city and children who curse or strike their parents.

There are also the people who are not allowed into a church. These include women "immediately after giving birth, and for thirty-three days thereafter, a woman is unclean, and shall not be allowed in church. Anyone with a blemish, or who is "lame," or who has a "flat nose, anything superflous, crookbackt, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eyes, or be scurvy" shall not be permitted to partake of church rituals."

These are all rules imposed on you by your Bible so if you follow all the rest of them, then you can come talk to me about same sex marriage! Until then, come up with a reason that makes at least a little sense!

End of rant...


  1. Sigh! Croft your comments on the good old US of A are not appreciated. You are not winning any friends here by bad mouthing us! Yes, we have problems here, but so does Canada. When you get Canada's backyard cleaned up and some of my tax-dollars aren't being spent for military aid to Canada then you can rant about the US of A all you want and I won't say a thing. But until then, Knock It Off!

  2. Ranting on your own blog is acceptable, ranting on someone else's ....

    I never cared much about whether marriage was allowed, because I've always seen it as a religious service. However, it is more than irritating that I am not allowed the same rights under the US Constitution that everyone else is, that irks me to no end.

    Lately I've realized that the right to marry is important, it is just another of those rights that are denied to my portion of the population. Frankly, Mexico has it right in that all marriages are religious and civil unions are what the government deals with.They need to allow every adult to form a civil union but at least they don't confuse a religious ceremony with a government license for tax breaks and other benefits.

    Let churches make their own decisions about who they will marry and get the government out of the marriage business. Let all adults form civil unions and give them the same rights as all other committed pairs. Seems simple, why has it become such a big deal?

  3. Human Rights issues know no borders. An injury to one is an injury to all regardless of where you live and it is the duty of each of us to speak up when we see an injustice. And this is a huge injustice!

    Jonna is right, it is the RIGHT to marry that is important! Civil Unions, at least up to now, do not give the same rights as marriage. They fall short in inheritance and end of life rights as well as others.

    I hope even Judy would agree that we all deserve the same rights.

  4. I just Googled "US military aid to Canada" and found nothing except a reference to a mutual agreement for the armies of both countries to help each other out in case of a "civil emergency". That was it, not even dumping used fighter aircraft. Canada on the other hand has spent billions fighting in USA created wars.

  5. Well said....Mr Croft...normally I just read and don't take the time to post...but tonight I need to say "well said"...keep that 'google' handy you never know when you'll need it to back yourself up!!! Way to go...

  6. Your "rant" comes to me as a breath of fresh air! it takes guts to air some of that out, this time you certainly have expressed my feelings in each sentance you typed! You're 100% spot on.


  7. Hi Croft,
    The list of countries should also include New Zealand, at least indirectly. Dave and I got a civil union here one month ago, as marriage is only for straight people. But here in NZ, a civil union gives me all the state rights and privileges of a married couple, bar two - the right to call myself "married" (no big deal, all official documentation has the option to tick "partner" or "couple" instead), and the right to adopt a child as a couple (slightly more of a big deal, but the law still allows me to adopt as an individual. Weird huh.)

    Interestingly, a New Zealand civil union is available for both same sex and opposite sex couples. And a married couple can switch to civil union status.

    It's not quite the same as marriage, but it's so close as to be good enough for now, for me at least. Maybe other countries' civil unions are similar, and should ideally be on the gay marriage list?


  8. I am going to leave NZ off the list Andrew and stick with full Marriage Equality. The attitude of NZ reminds me of the South when they decided, "Blacks are free to use the bus, as long as they sit in the back and stand when a white person wants their seat". Not equality, not good enough and yes, adoption rights are a bigger deal and marriage is NOT only for straight people!

    Congratulations to you and David, BTW. We must have a small celebration when we meet again.

  9. What Jonna said...she's so smart!

  10. I am still pissed over that "military aid to Canada" thing! Sheesh! We don't want or need your tax dollars or your military!

  11. As a citizen of the good old US of A, I love and support your rants. They are intelligent and well stated....and it is your blog. Can't wait to enjoy a few Happy Hours together this winter. Rant On!!!