Saturday, July 2, 2011

Screaming Deer and The Crazy Deer Lady

And Now For Something Completely Different.

Last night Norma noticed a deer laying on the back lawn of the condo next door and looking in our direction. She called me to look and told me the deer was waiting for us to go to bed before it tried to sneak in and eat her flowers. She checked on it a couple more times and tried to get me interested but by then I have to admit I had her kind of tuned out. I was afraid she was turning into the "Crazy Deer Lady" and ignoring her was the best course! As I went to bed I did look and the deer was still there, watching the bedroom window.

We watched TV for an hour and turned out the light. All was nice and quiet for about a half hour and then there was a high pitched scream and some thrashing around right outside the bedroom window! The damn deer HAD been watching us and had tried to get through the electric fence after the light went out! She did not make it...

I guess Norma is not the "Crazy Deer Lady" after all. Sometimes life is like a Monty Python skit.