Friday, July 1, 2011

Footbal Season! Tinfoil Helmet Time!

Well, the hockey stick remote is stored in the back of the closet and my tinfoil football helmet is sitting ready beside the TV! The BC Lions first game of the regular season was last night and despite winning two great exhibition games, they lost to Montreal. Montreal jumped into an early lead of 20 - 6 but the Leos settled down and came within four points of them by the end of the game. If the clock had been a little slower, they would have won. They have a good rhythm and the quarterback has obvious confidence. I see a great year for BC.

For my American friends, Canadian football is similar to the US variety and many of our players come from the US. The big differences is we have only three downs and there is no "fair catch" rule. Many a US import player is stunned when they signal for a fair catch and immediately get clobbered the instant they touch the ball. They learn quick! We play tough up North. For our guys, the raised hand before the catch means, "Here I am! Come and nail me!"

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