Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Electric Fence Tester

Norma has been after me to go and buy a tester for the electric fence. I objected because 1) they are $60 and 2) the deer scream when they touch the fence and 3) the deer have been leaving the flowers alone for the first time ever. For these reasons I assumed it was working and I did not need the tester.

Today Norma came in from the garden and told me she got a shock! She reached through the fence and touched her arm on the wire. ZAP!!! She pulled her arm back and hit it again. ZAP!!! She said it was "not that bad". I told her she was now the official electric fence tester!


  1. Just don't let her try that in her bare feet.
    Or maybe?
    No, no.
    Best not.

  2. I can't stop laughing. First the screaming deer and Norma getting a shock and saying it wasn't that bad. Too funny! Not to mention you saved yourself 60 bucks!

  3. BTW, what does a screaming deer sound like?

  4. Hard to describe Chris. Kind of a high pitched "cough". Norma is much tougher than the deer, she didn't scream at all!